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Layout Eight and then some... [27 Jul 2005|02:18am]


Complaints :: I never realized how moderators got annoyed by the people in their community until now. Unless you are completely stupid, you should know how to copy and paste some codes and put them into the text area on the modify your journal page. Until you have read all the rules, don't comment saying "My layout isn't working." Because believe me, if you read and follow the rules, your layout will work just fine! If I get any more stupid comments, I'm closing this community.

Also, do not contact me on AIM. It's getting really annoying. I do have a life other than making stupid layouts. For now on, anyone who IM's me, or contacts me through my personal journal, will be BANNED. Kthx.

The goodies // Layout & Banner

This is for the few considerate people at this community who actually credit on my work. I made it myself so it's nothing special, but here you are. Feel free to put this in your userinfo.

Codes, Rules & Preview :: galoretester8

That's all. <3

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[21 Apr 2005|07:53pm]


/ / R u l e s

  • All entries will be made Friends Only. You must Join.
  • AFTER you join, comment here to be added.
  • If you take a layout, you must comment.
  • However, you don't have to credit.
  • Make sure you replace "USERNAME", with your username.
  • Do not make requests. I will ignore them.

Thank you, have a nice day. =)

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